Get Paid To Play Video Games Competitively

This is probably the most difficult way to earn money from gaming, but could potentially also be the most profitable. In order to be successful, you have to be one of the best players in a certain game.

How can this produce money?

E-sports is a rapidly growing business, and with the crowd comes greater prizes in competitive play. These rewards are often contested in tournaments, where teams of five players face each other. Some of these events are huge in the e-sports scene, and watched by many fans all over the world. Both Dota 2 and League of Legends had tournaments in 2013 with prize pools above $2 000 000. But there are many other games that can be played competitively like this. Generally, the bigger audience a game has, the greater prizes are made available for it. EA Sports offer several different games which can be played for cash vs other players at their arena.

What is required ?

Oftentimes, the level of skill that is required for high-paying tournaments, is huge. The people that get paid to play video games this way, often do it professionally and make the majority of their income from it. However, those who make a name for themselves in e-sports have a much easier time capitalizing on streaming, and similar ventures, because of their already existing fan base.


In order to play games competitively for a living, the most important factor is skill and practice. Finding a good team to play with can also mean a lot, but since many games use ladder systems where one can climb by playing solo, reaching higher divisions creates better opportunities of finding other skilled players and teams. If you want to get a head start, try looking at upcoming games and anticipating which ones will grow to become successful in the competitive scene. Then start playing it as soon as possible, sign up for beta testing if it’s available. This extra practice time could give you an edge over the competition. Another thing, is watching other people with high skill when they play, either live through their stream or on recorded videos at youtube. Look at how they make decisions in game, and what way techniques and mechanics are used, then incorporate it into your own play style. There is almost always something to learn from good players that are already able to get paid to play video games. Like other sports, getting “in the zone/in flow” can help greatly, when you have nothing else on your mind and act in the moment. This last thing is something we all do automatically from time to time, but can’t be forced. Just knowing this, might help to prevent getting discouraged on days when we are not playing at our best.


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